We have always believed in research and technological innovation as driving forces on the market. 

We have taken part in some of the most interesting and complex projects in the territory, which we consider our base, making a considerable contribution to the creation of important reference points of civil and industrial engineering.


Taking responsibility also means complying with schedules and high standards of quality.


To increase the know-how of a company and constantly keep pace with innovation means gaining technical-engineering abilities that look to the future, in a perspective of constant commitment to clients.


To listen, to imagine, to interpret and to achieve the desires of clients. Also in long-term worksite situations, we set out to guarantee precise and punctual management of the work.

The relationship between Blue Shark and its territory represents an authentic vocation, which over the years has generated productive relationships of both economic and social value.

We have built three of the most important sports centers in southern Sardinia: the "Sardegna Arena," the “Centro Sportivo Tribune” and the “Terrapieno.”
The first is an efficient modern stadium, featuring innovative solutions, built in the parking area of the former Sant’Elia complex. The second is a gymnasium inside the historic Amsicora stadium, under the northern stands, offering over 30 fitness activities and courses, with a new swimming pool to truly respond to the needs of all users. The third project is for group activities: soccer fields, basketball courts, climbing facilities and much more. 


Within Blue Shark, activities of Corporate and Social Responsibility are promoted, encouraged and carried out by a group of colleague-volunteers who focus for the most part – also during working hours – on activities to support various non-profit organizations operating principally in Africa, for the construction of infrastructural facilities like schools, hospitals and wells in poor and disadvantaged communities.