A sports facility for group activities: soccer fields, basketball courts, climbing and much more.


“We build our work on solid foundations: continuous innovation and quality applied to all real estate sectors, from new constructions to renovations, urban development to industrial and commercial facilities.”


Centro Sportivo Tribune

Built inside the historic Amsicora stadium, under the northern stands, the center offers over 30 fitness activities and courses, with a new swimming pool to truly meet the needs of all users.


Sardegna Arena

We built a stadium from scratch in just four months. Modern, hospitable, made with the most innovative solutions. The facility was entirely prefabricated in steel, to permit rapid, light, economical and ecosustainable construction. At the end of its life cycle, the stadium can be dismantled and reutilized, or all the material can be recycled.

Built to seat 16,500 persons, the facility has ten "sky boxes," a hospitality area worthy of its name, and a museum itinerary that narrates the history of the team through images and trophies. It also features grandstand lounges, bench seating and locker rooms with lounge areas, and a kitchen for after-match gatherings.