Who we are

In over 20 years of operation in the field of civil and industrial structures, we have developed in-depth knowledge and outstanding professionalism in the world of construction.



Founding of Blue Shark, a large-scale design studio helmed by the engineer Marco Isola and based in Cagliari. Until 2007 Blue Shark offered specialized consulting in the field of civil and industrial construction.


Blue Shark becomes part of SARAS, initiating a phase of modernization and expansion of its operations.

We carry out repairs on facilities in extreme structural, chemical and thermal situations, using polymer and cement-based materials based on the most advanced technologies.


The company signs an agreement with the Department of Structural Engineering of the University of Cagliari, to collaborate on research regarding techniques of structural design using innovative materials for projects in extreme conditions.


Blue Shark founds Iron Shark S.r.l., specializing in the production of load-bearing structures in steel. That same year, the company acquires a 45% share of Tribune S.r.l. (increased to 50% in January 2018), a company in the field of amateur sporting activities based in Cagliari, inside the Amsicora stadium complex.


Blue Shark acquires a 60% share of Digital Nue S.r.l., a company specializing in data processing and technological innovation. Digital Nue has carried out important projects for the public administration, including the system of Multimedia Museums, maintenance contracts with a focus on cyber security and elite system services, and participation in RTI on the theme of "Virtual Archaeology" and "Territorial Data Processing Systems."