Alkion – Replacement of Bearing Devices and Joints

Replacement of Bearing Devices and Joints

Location: Vado Ligure
Work start: 2019
End of works: 2020
Client: Alkion Terminal Vado Ligure Srl
State: Completed


The decks are normally linked to the pulvini by means of supports which allow rotations and translations according to the calculation hypotheses adopted; the severe environmental conditions and the mechanical stresses create deteriorations which often compromise the efficiency of the constraints with sometimes very critical consequences.
Blue Shark specializes in the replacement of support devices, an activity that requires a lot of experience and knowledge of the problems associated with some phases of the activity.
The replacement of the support devices involves the lifting of the slabs that make up the decks using specific jacks, after reinforcing the reinforced concrete areas which are subject to great stress in this phase; once the existing support devices have been removed, proceed with the positioning of those envisaged in the project; this is an extremely delicate phase that requires great precision.