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Two decades of innovation.


Professionalism, timeliness and dynamism enable the simultaneous handling of complex and articulated activities in different geographical areas​


Specialising in large projects


Professionalism, timeliness and dynamism enable the simultaneous handling of complex and articulated activities in different geographical areas


Our responsibility goes beyond simple constructions. We see a world where innovation drives every project, safety is not a compromise, and every challenge is an opportunity to excel. Every time we approach a new field of intervention, we bring with us an inexhaustible will to learn and innovate, always ready to face technical and performance challenges.


The essence of our DNA is vision. A vision that sees Blue Shark not only as a company, but as the industrial partner that other companies have always dreamed of having. We promise innovative technical solutions and challenging lead times, not only respected, but often anticipated. For us, innovation and punctuality are not a goal, but a standard of operation.


Our extraordinary ability is reflected in the numerous references and quality certifications we have obtained over the years, the result of our obsessive attention to safety, investments in training and human resources, and the constant search for innovation.

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Hundreds of projects successfully implemented in Italy and around the world, always with the aim of satisfying customer needs, guaranteeing quality and punctuality in deliveries.

Metal carpentry

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Projects: 14

Latest news.

Paracelso Rehabilitation Clinic

Paracelso Rehabilitation Clinic, officially becoming the largest mental health clinic on the island!

New A18 Ability Center

A18 Ability Center, a significant milestone for the community of Southern Sardinia.

Blue Shark in support of the documentary dedicated to Gigi Riva

Preview of the docufilm on Gigi Riva at the Cinema Odissea in Cagliari

Blue Shark alongside Cagliari Calcio

Our brand to support the shirt dedicated to Sant'Efisio

A nautical pole for offshore sailing: the project at the port of Cagliari

State concession requested for an area and stretch of water at Su Siccu

Compliance with regulations

In the ocean of construction, Blue Shark navigates by the compass of compliance. Our course is charted by compliance with current legislation, an unwavering commitment that guarantees the legality and ethics of our work.


Our journey in the world of construction and plant engineering is marked by prestigious certifications, the pole stars of our reliability. These are not only symbols of the quality of our work, but represent our commitment to maintaining high standards over time.


For us, safety is never in question. Every member of our Group is constantly trained and equipped to ensure a safe working environment. Our investment in safety is just as important as our investment in every construction project.

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