Alkion – Restoration of Road Surface and Coating with High Wear-Resistance Mortars

Rehabilitation of the road surface and coating with highly wear-resistant mortars

Location: Vado Ligure
Work start: 2019
End of works: 2020
Client: Alkion Terminal Vado Ligure Srl
State: Completed


The road surface of the piers and platforms are very often subjected to severe degradation due to the severe environmental conditions and vehicular traffic.
In such cases, solutions are used which provide for the complete restoration of the degraded parts and the creation of new cementitious or resin-based wear layers when high resistance must be guaranteed.
The rehabilitation activities include:
• scarification of the support in such a way as to remove the degraded part;
• the treatment of any steel reinforcing bars stripped;
• the subsequent laying of specific self-levelling cementitious mortars with resistance to wear and rapid development of the necessary strengths.
The works in question are very often carried out at night and by choking the intervention areas in such a way as to avoid the inevitable interference with the normal activities carried out on the piers.
Sometimes very high mechanical, chemical and wear resistances are required.
In some cases, special mortars with binders consisting of epoxy resins are applied.