Rehabilitation Center for Mental Illnesses

Creation of a rehabilitation center for mental illnesses

Location: Assemini
Work start: 2022
End of works: 2022
Client: Paracelso Riabilitazione Srl
State: Completed


The intervention in question involved extraordinary maintenance of an existing building consisting of 4 levels (basement, mezzanine, first floor, attic) with the construction of internal masonry works for the new subdivision of spaces, installation of new fixtures and the construction of all new systems (electricity, lighting, smoke detection, water, air conditioning, fire prevention).
On the mezzanine floor, intended for the sleeping area for residential patients, single and double rooms have been created, equipped with a toilet.
On the first floor, intended for daytime activities, various rooms have been created for canteens, multipurpose activities, outpatient clinics, a service block and staff changing rooms.
All the internal partitions were made using plasterboard masonry of adequate thickness with an interposed thermal and acoustic insulation system depending on the environment.
Considering the current conformation of the internal spaces, in order to rationally exploit the surfaces and rooms, it was necessary to create an internal courtyard measuring 10.00 x10.00 m in the central part. designed to ensure light and ventilation.
For this reason, a large atrium was built from the mezzanine floor to the roof by demolishing the holes in the intermediate floors and in the roof. The perimeter masonry of this atrium will be made of plasterboard panels with an insulating panel in between.
Outside, two ramps and a new metal carpentry staircase were built. In addition, new metal railings were built.