Ministerial Decree 37/2008, amended by Decree 19/05/2010, which regulates plant engineering activities, stipulates that upon completion of the work, the installation company must issue the client with a declaration of conformity of the systems placed at the service of the buildings, regardless of their intended use.

What is

Ministerial Decree 37/2008 applies to the following installations, provided they are located inside buildings and their appurtenances regardless of their intended use. The plants referred to in paragraph 1 of the aforementioned Ministerial Decree are classified as follows

a) Installations for the production, transformation, transport, distribution, use of electrical energy electricity, installations for protection against atmospheric discharges, as well as installations for automation of doors, gates and barriers

c) Heating, air-conditioning, air-conditioning and refrigeration installations of any nature or kind, including works for the evacuation of combustion products and condensation and room ventilation and aeration

(d) Water and sanitary installations of any nature or kind

g) Fire protection installations. Once obtained, the SOA Certification is valid for five years (subject to confirmation of validity in the third year) and is issued, by specially authorised SOA Bodies, at the end of an in-depth assessment of the requirements imposed by law, found in the last ten years of activity of the company concerned; in particular, the works carried out in the last ten years and the five best income documents among the last ten approved and deposited will be taken into consideration.