A nautical pole for offshore sailing: the project at the port of Cagliari

State concession requested for an area and stretch of water at Su Siccu


A nautical centre for deep-sea sailing, with an attached school. An area dedicated to sport, a refreshment area, a relaxation area, a space for events, another dedicated to tourist information. And, at sea, a jetty that can accommodate boats of up to 20 metres.

This is what Blue Shark Oceanico Srl wants to build at Su Siccu, in the port of Cagliari: the company has applied for a concession from the port authority. The spaces are those housing the buildings disused by the Guardia di Finanza, close to the cycle path leading to the San Bartolomeo canal.

“We want to invest in creating a nautical pole dedicated to ocean navigation: something that does not exist in Sardinia. There are already contacts with big names in the sector and we have already purchased the boat: at the moment it is moored at Arbatax’. Marco Isola, owner of Blue Shark, which, among other things, also built the stands for the Unipol Domus, does not want to say too much.

When the green light for the concession arrives, the entrepreneur plans to make a grand presentation: ‘We have been working on this project for years,’ he emphasises.

The area involved is just over 6,500 square metres on the ground. But the application also concerns 2,145 square metres of water: the whole area will be redeveloped.


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