Paracelso Rehabilitation Clinic

We are delighted to inform you that Monday, December 4th, the new Paracelso Rehabilitation Clinic opened its doors to patients in More Corraxe, officially becoming the largest mental health clinic on the island! With great dedication and commitment, we have completed an extraordinary work in record time. Now, Paracelso is ready to provide state-of-the-art services, […]

New A18 Ability Center

We are thrilled to announce that the A18 Ability Center, built by Blue Shark, has been completed and is now operational starting from Friday, November 17th! This modern facility has been designed to provide support and psycho-educational activities for young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Southern Sardinia. It represents a significant step forward in […]

Blue Shark in support of the documentary dedicated to Gigi Riva

In the great hall of Cagliari’s Cinema Odissea, packed with local and national journalists, the premiere of ‘Nel nostro cielo un rombo di tuono’, by Riccardo Milani, the author of great public and critical successes such as ‘Benvenuto presidente!’, was held. For the first time, he managed to convince Gigi Riva to participate in a […]

Blue Shark alongside Cagliari Calcio

Cagliari and Sant’Efisio: a spiritual and popular bond lasting more than three centuries. The Sardinian team alongside the island’s biggest religious festival and the most popular among Sardinians. he jersey features details linked to the iconography of the martyr and the symbols of the great feast. The main colour is an elegant midnight blue, in […]

A nautical pole for offshore sailing: the project at the port of Cagliari

A nautical centre for deep-sea sailing, with an attached school. An area dedicated to sport, a refreshment area, a relaxation area, a space for events, another dedicated to tourist information. And, at sea, a jetty that can accommodate boats of up to 20 metres. This is what Blue Shark Oceanico Srl wants to build at […]