Blue Shark alongside Cagliari Calcio

Our brand to support the shirt dedicated to Sant'Efisio


Cagliari and Sant’Efisio: a spiritual and popular bond lasting more than three centuries. The Sardinian team alongside the island’s biggest religious festival and the most popular among Sardinians.

he jersey features details linked to the iconography of the martyr and the symbols of the great feast. The main colour is an elegant midnight blue, in memory of the heartfelt ceremony of Efisio’s return to the city, with the upper part of the chest and shoulders embellished with a weave of small golden Greek crosses, present on the inside of the cloak put on during the dressing of the simulacrum before the procession. The edges of the sleeves and the V-shaped collar are red-gilt like the outside of the Saint’s clothing, as well as the main colours of the waistcoat and the embroidered fabrics.


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