New A18 Ability Center

A18 Ability Center, a significant milestone for the community of Southern Sardinia.

We are thrilled to announce that the A18 Ability Center, built by Blue Shark, has been completed and is now operational starting from Friday, November 17th!

This modern facility has been designed to provide support and psycho-educational activities for young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Southern Sardinia. It represents a significant step forward in the care and inclusion of individuals with autism in our region.

The A18 Ability Center is the first disability center for ASD in Southern Sardinia to be affiliated with the National Health Service. It is a welcoming and stimulating place, designed to promote independence, socialization, and learning for young adults with autism.

The opening of the A18 Ability Center is a significant milestone for the community of Southern Sardinia, offering an essential reference point for individuals with autism and their families. The resources and services provided by the center will enhance the quality of life and promote greater autonomy for young adults with autism, contributing to a more inclusive society.

Blue Shark is proud to have contributed to the realization of this important facility and recognizes the importance of providing adequate resources and services for individuals with autism. We will continue to be committed to the field of social construction, undertaking projects that promote inclusion and well-being for all.


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