Alkion – Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Piers in Vado Ligure

Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Piers

Location: Vado Ligure
Work start: 2019
End of works: 2020
Client: Alkion Terminal Vado Ligure Srl
State: Completed


The structures of the piers, whether made of reinforced concrete or steel, are subjected to harsh environmental conditions that cause severe corrosion and degradation. Blue Shark boasts high specialization in the restoration and reinforcement of pier structures. Among their main clients is Alkion, whose Vado Ligure pier was recently subject to an important restoration and reinforcement operation by Blue Shark.


Typically, reinforced concrete structures are restored with cycles that include the demolition of degraded concrete parts that do not guarantee the project’s resistance, passivation of the metal reinforcements, and subsequent reconstruction of the sections using high-performance, fiber-reinforced special mortars.
Often, the piles are subject to high levels of concrete and reinforcement bar degradation, sometimes compromising static safety.
In this particular case, the restoration and reinforcement intervention was carried out through restoration and subsequent thickening of the resistant section. Restoration activities are performed through the following stages:

  • carbonation tests to establish the front and determine the depth of demolition;
  • treatment of reinforcement bars using passivation cycles;
  • reconstruction of reinforced concrete sections using specific fiber-reinforced mortars.

The activities continue with demolition operations and quality verification. After maturation, the surfaces are coated with specific protective cycles. If necessary, reinforcements can be provided through wraps with carbon fiber composite materials. The areas of the piles located between approximately +1.50 and -1.50 m are coated with cycles of epoxy resins applied both on the emerged and submerged parts.