Projects: 7


Alongside the big companies with the strength of our group

Alkion – Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Piers in Vado Ligure

Works end: 2020

Fluorsid – Expansion works of the Al(OH)3 storage shed in the FL4 department and construction of a new Biscuits shed

Works end: 2021

Saras – Carbon fiber reinforcements of the Saras system piping

Works end: 2023

Saras – Metal gangways Saras plant pontoons

Works end: 2023

Saras – Renovation and reinforcement of Saras plant piers

Works end: 2023

Saras – Waterproofing of Saras systems

Works end: 2023

Saras – Floor coatings with epoxy resin mortar

Works end: 2023