Saras – Carbon fiber reinforcements of the Saras system piping

Carbon fiber reinforcements of the Saras system piping

Location: Sarroch
Work start: 2008
End of works: 2023
Client: Sarlux Srl
State: Completed


Blue Shark is specialized in the creation of reinforcements for pipes under pressure in operation through the use of carbon fiber composite materials according to UNI ISO 24817.
The reinforcements can be guaranteed from 1 to 15 years according to the customer’s needs.
The reinforcement interventions are preceded by the design according to the calculation methods of UNI ISO 24817.
Starting from the input data (type of fluid, operating pressure, temperature, type of defect, duration of the required repair) the number of layers of the reinforcement is determined.
The application phases include the application of a layer of glass fiber for the protection of galvanic currents, the application of successive layers of carbon fiber, the number of which is determined by calculation. The application of the glass and carbon fiber layers is performed with the use of specific epoxy resins.
The intervention is completed with the post-care phase through the use of electric blankets.