Saras – Metal gangways Saras plant pontoons

Metal gangways Saras plant pontoons

Location: Sarroch
Work start: 2008
End of works: 2023
Client: Sarlux Srl
State: Completed


Blue Shark specializes in the construction of metal structures to be installed at maritime docks, such as walkway bridges, etc.
The customer is offered a turnkey package which includes:
• Structural design
• Prefabrication of structures
• Painting of the structures
• Transport by sea with pontoons or by floating
• Installation
All the structures are prefabricated at the Blue Shark and group companies plants.
Blue Shark and the companies of the group are certified in accordance with the requirements of the legislation for the prefabrication of metal structures. The specialized personnel is qualified and in possession of the qualifications for various weldings necessary for the production of the structures.