Saras – Waterproofing of Saras systems

Waterproofing of Saras systems

Location: Sarroch
Work start: 2008
End of works: 2023
Client: Sarlux Srl
State: Completed


In order to guarantee the necessary waterproofing and protection of the concrete of the purification tanks, all the walls, the bottom and the channels are covered with special resin coatings which have the purpose of avoiding any loss of the contained liquids and at the same time protecting the concrete from chemical attacks.
Among the various types of waterproofing, the type with polyurea resins plays a very important role. The application takes place through the use of special bimixer equipment which heats the components to 80C° before being sprayed on the support.
This type of waterproofing is also suitable for practicable roofs and terraces, car parks, sports bleachers.